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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

Colin Streicher Writes:"While I couldn't manage to get them on the phone, they did eventually respond to email. They had a part that everyone else was backordered on, so that was great. What wasn't that great was that the core charge was essentially the same cost as the part itself which essentially doubled the cost. There isn't any documentation I could find on the site around what sort of credit you get if you return the old part, so that is annoying. Overall, my experience was pretty good though, I will likely use them again for a hard to find part."
May. 18, 2022
Oleksandr Veksler Writes:"Despite some negative reviews, I've had a great and smooth experience with them. Two years ago I bought two control arms with life warranty for my car from them, as those parts failed, I followed warranty replacement process with them (buying new parts, returning old ones and getting refund) and every step was fine. My new order was ready for pick up in few hours after placing it and getting refund under warranty took less than a week."
May. 10, 2022
Lyndon Anderson Writes:"I called multiple times over 4 days and no one answered, messages were never answered and e-mails went unanswered. They are horribly run, office is awful! Take your hard earned money and shop somewhere else."
Jul. 22, 2021
C DF Writes:"If you expect to receive your products or get any type of service (aka response to your orders status) then look elsewhere. They respond when they want to secure your order but then completely disappear when you actually need support"
May. 26, 2021
Geoffrey Chan Writes:"I’ve made several attempts in contacting the company via email and telephone call and no one has reached back out to me. Following up on an existing order and some parts are still owed to me. Great service at the beginning, but once you pay and receive a partial order they ignore and do not respond. BUYERS BEWARE"
May. 18, 2021