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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

bill dodson Writes:"I ordered several parts for my Hyundai Elantra and when one of the items wasn’t in stock I got an email asking if They can find a similar item. They did get back to me with the same quality and even a cheaper price! I have to say excellent service and quick delivery. I will be ordering from them again. Bill"
May. 26, 2020
Professional Dude Writes:"Awesome company to do business with. Quality products and great pricing. Purchased coil springs, and they arrived in 2 weeks. I'm sure it would have been faster shipping if not for that damn Covid that delayed everything."
May. 23, 2020
Paul Stevenson Writes:"I searched high and low for the best pricing on my exhaust system. These guys were definitely the cheapest. Glad I found them! Apr/12/20 This is an update: Two weeks later my parcel isn't here, all businesses due to the covid 19 everything is very slow. Very understandable! The good thing is the wrench monkey contacted me to explain they're working with me to get the situation resolved with Canada Post, and are willing to go the extra mile to set the record straight. That to me is worth a decent review. I do very much appreciate it. Thanks! Apr/28/20 Update: 5/11/20 It took awhile to receive the muffler, but not due to The Wrench Monkey. Canada Post is moving very slow when it comes to large items. Still I received the muffler today and I'm happy. Now I can finish the exhaust work.....Thank you!"
May. 11, 2020
Jesse Elmex Writes:"Great service and great selection of parts, better than the dealer! This is my second order."
Apr. 16, 2019
Dana Elliott Writes:"Saved the day! Needed steering wheel pump and prices $300 less than dealership. Picked it up and they were awesome, friendly and worked to get part shipped quicker for us!"
Jul. 28, 2017