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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

Dan Russell Writes:"Had the parts I needed in stock, no one else did. Fast shipping to the west coast. Thanks guys!"
Jan. 18, 2019
Sky Tri Writes:"So far, so good. Website easy to navigate, order form straightforward, and do not have to setup an account hassle ... just placed order, will follow up on here with results. Fingers crossed."
Jan. 17, 2019
don smith Writes:"Good customer service, all questions resolved promptly. Had to sort out a problem caused by Fram having the wrong picture of a part. Not their problem so much but sorted quickly to my satisfaction. I will shop here again."
Jan. 10, 2019
Branco Me Writes:"This company was great before, but recently have gone down hill in the past 5 months. I cannot recommend them now until they have better staff and their phone line works. Here is my recent interaction with them, my product was shipped damaged and I tried to call them about a dozen times, but could not speak to anyone, the phone line always busy and you cannot leave a message. I finally contacted them through email, and there first reply after a few days later was to blame the damage good on the delivery person. They did not offer any replacement whatsoever and said to contact them if I needed anything else. The goods was package in such a way that it would be damage during delivery. For instance, instead of having foam cushion in the brake caliper box to protect it from damage during delivery, they removed the cushion and put my second order in it place as cushion, that part got damaged. So, I emailed again and again, and now there are avoiding me. I used to trust this auto parts store, but now, I will shop elsewhere. You cannot reach them by phone and they would ignore your email if you have any problem or concern. I still have not receive my core refund nor the replacement part that was damaged by them. If wrench monkey management is reading this; don't ask me to call you guys so you could assist me on my order, you don't pick up your phone or have the decency to let the customer leave a message. It's sad that you guys used to be great, but not anymore."
Dec. 05, 2018
Jolie Writes:"Prices are hard to beat and they carry high quality brands. Shipping is fast and regular shipping free. Customer service is excellent. I will be spreading the word, this is the place for auto parts."
Nov. 20, 2018