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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

Steven Bell Writes:"Great customer service follow-up after my initial choice of product was no longer available (tailgate support struts on a 2006 X-Trail). I was offered an updated product for ¼ the price of my initial choice and significantly less expensive than from the Nissan dealer ($80 each vs. $13 each!). I’ve not purchased from the Wrench Monkey before but I will be back next time."
May. 09, 2024
george hanna Writes:"Ordered two items and when I received them found that one of them is doesn't fit my vehicle. It's my fault, I Ordered it by mistake. I returned the item using a return label that they created for me. I waited more than a week to receive my refund after they receive the invoice from Canada post. They deducted about $22 for mailing when they originally charged me $9.40 for shipping. I should have gotten the items from Amazon. They were just door hinges and the same brand available on Amazon. I won't use them in the future."
May. 07, 2024
Richard Kelly Writes:"Terrible customer service!!! Went for a refund as the part didn't fit (so wrong advertising) and they said they cannot do it, just because I didn't have the damn generic cardboard box that it came in, mind you, the part was never used and is brand new. Another thing, they always advertise something as "in stock" when sometimes it isn't. Good thing I call before I pay. 2nd time that has happened. I won't be buying from these people again!! Be weary of them."
May. 07, 2024
Richard Krawczyk Writes:"Best place to buy car parts in Canada by far! They have the best selection at the best prices. Have been using rock auto since forever but they're not longer necessary, this place is cheaper and fast shipping. Just wish they had an account system offered a military discount."
Apr. 17, 2024
Eric Anaquod Writes:"This is probably the best automotive service for parts for vehicles in all of Canada. The mapping is so easy to use and everything about it perfect and simple. I will continue to order my parts from here on out. I find it crazy how some tire shops and third party shops sell the exact same parts for 200% mark up, it is absolutely disgusting. Thank you Wrench Monkey for helping people with quality parts and saving them money!"
Mar. 27, 2024