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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

outcast569 Writes:"Absolutely terrible. They are happy to take your money but have no customer service. Currently on over 30 calls trying the get an answer. Not to a question. Just for the to pick up the damn phone for an order issue with their site. Wrong charge. Wrong shipping. Wrong company to go with if you expect anything positive."
Jan. 13, 2021
Tom Power Writes:"Great Canadian business. Prices are generally good. I am a repeat customer because of the excellent service. I just ordered a part that will be delivered to me Fed-Ex overnight. Local branches of the national car parts chains told me 7-10 business days."
Dec. 18, 2020
Mike C Writes:"Good service Had out of stock part that was not due for a month Emailed next day and suggested a replacement part that was slightly better and honoured the cheaper original price Have ordered a few times now no issue Prices are good Shipping is Canada post so slower than other couriers but not an issue for me I will continue to use monkey when shopping parts"
Sep. 16, 2020
Martin S Writes:"Ordered a purge valve solenoid for my truck Thursday night. Got an email Friday morning that the part is out of stock and they will be shipping another brand that was a bit more expensive then the one I ordered at no extra cost. Wow talk about great service and keeping the customer happy. Saturday morning it was at my door! Installed it by noon worked perfect no more check engine light. Fast shipping amazing prices and great service, will be ordering from them again in the future!"
Sep. 07, 2020
geoff brown Writes:"Pleased with the order,my biggest concern was the amount of time I waited for the back order as it was hard to make contact with them by phone they only answered emails and even that took a long time."
Sep. 03, 2020