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The Wrench Monkey Google Reviews Page

Chris Radford Writes:"I placed an order for some parts listed on their website as in stock. After receiving no reply with shipping information after 3 days, I decided to call. They told me that they did not in fact have stock. I looked at their website again and they were still listed as having stock. Looking at other reviews, it seems I'm not the only one to complain of this. I dealt with one person on the phone who, after promising to get back to me, never did. I called back and a second person I dealt with was pretty rude. They again promised to get back to me, but also didn't. It seems their customer service needs significant improvement. I decided to give two stars instead of one star only because a previous order went fairly well, although I had to contact them to refund a core 2 weeks after confirmation of delivery to their location."
Feb. 13, 2020
Mike Stapleton Writes:"Great service. Paid extra for fast shipping and got Fast shipping (less than 48 hours). Part was top notch. Frst experience, no issue with using them again!"
Jan. 30, 2020
Chandler Koeckeritz Writes:"Fantastic service, slow at times but none the less. Fast shipping, usually says a week from Ontario to Alberta but usually here in 2 days. Plus free shipping over $100 is unbeatable and majority of the products, the quality is above the price. Its like Canadian rock auto. Personally, ordered a part and a day later they contacted me saying they had a mix up in stocking and that my part was back ordered till March but would find a comparable part and notify me if they did. Again a day later they contacted me saying they had found what I needed, but it cost more. For the hassel they charged me cost of the original part I ordered and shipped same day. Literally the only place I like to deal with now. Top notch 👍"
Jan. 30, 2020
Norman Polenz Writes:"Forgot to ship my $800 order! Ordered online 27 Dec with expected delivery 31 Dec. credit card processed within24 hours. On 2Jan, with still no delivery I emailed and phoned (voice mail). No reply with either communications but within an hour I received email with Canada Post tracking number which confirmed my order was only delivered to Canada Post late that same day. Still waiting for explanation, apology. On bright side, the right part was finally delivered."
Jan. 07, 2020
Harvey Spectre Writes:"Ordered from them twice. Great prices and products. First time customer service response time was slow (over 24hrs), however, second time it has been much faster (a few hours). Didn’t have one of items I ordered in stock, they priced matched with an alternative. I’m fine with not expecting same day order fulfillment if their prices stay competitive."
Dec. 03, 2019