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Spectra Premium Parts

Radiators, Gas Fuel Tanks, Fuel Pump Modules & More

Spectra Premium Industries is an automotive parts manufacturing and distribution organization based out of Quebec, Canada.
As a reliable manufacturer, Spectra Premium is committed to delivering quality products and support to ensure the success and satisfaction of its customers. Spectra Premium strives to continuously develop innovative automotive and industrial products in anticipation of market needs, and enabling them to exceed customer expectations. Its mission is to develop and provide premium automotive components and systems that are the choice of OE manufacturers, automotive technicians, and do it yourself consumers.
Spectra Premium’s product range includes: A/C Accumulators, A/C Compressors, A/C Evaporators, Charge Air Coolers, Cam & Crank angle Sensors, Cam Shaft Synchronizers, Radiators, Condensers, Cooling Fan Assemblies, Electrical Fuel Pumps, Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Filler Necks, Fuel Pump Assemblies, Fuel Pump Strainers, Fuel Tanks Assemblies, Fuel Tanks, Heaters, Heavy Duty Truck Radiators, Ignition Distributors, Ignition Coils, Mass Air Flow Sensors, Oil Pans, Oxygen Sensors, and Turbochargers.
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