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Akebono Brake Pads

ACT & EUR Formualtion Brake Pads for Cars & Trucks

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Everyday driving presents a variety of challenges. Whether you are dropping the kids off at school, heading to the grocery store, on your way to the big game or race, commuting to and from work, or taking the family on a cross-country vacation, Safety and Reliability is what you can expect from Akebono Ultra-Premium and Premium brake products and remanufactured loaded calipers.

Choose Akebono's advanced friction technology, which is approved more and more by the auto manufacturer's every year, in order to restore or upgrade your brake system performance to the ultimate level. Akebono's advanced friction is available in every Pro-ACT, EURO and Akebono Performance Ultra-Premium brake pad kit and remanufactured ProACT brake caliper that Akebono sells.

Akebono Brake Pads...
  • Are the OEM Brand of Choice
  • Will restore vehicle braking performance to its ideal and optimal specifications
  • Provide safe, quiet, clean and dependable braking
  • Utilizes Rotor Friendly pad formulations that prevent rotor thickness variation and pedal pulsation complaints