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Walker Exhaust Parts

Mufflers, Catalytic Coverters, Exhaust Pipes, & More

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Walker®, an industry leader in emissions control products, offers a complete line-up to meet all customer needs! World-class, engine-to-tailpipe exhaust solutions for domestic and import vehicles. Walker's OE engineering and manufacturing expertise enables them to provide quality exhaust components and systems to the aftermarket.
With this world-class support, Walker possesses the technical excellence needed to meet today's needs while developing solutions to tomorrow's challenges.
Walkers's emissions control engineering centers deliver the latest technologies to customers throughout the world. These linked engineering centers share expertise and capabilities to design and develop solutions for passenger car, light truck, commercial vehicle, and specialty vehicle applications.
Products include:
  • Mufflers & Muffler Assemblies
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Pipes & Tubing
  • Accessories & Hardware



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