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Stabilizer Bar Link

Stabilizer Bar Link

What is a Stabilizer Bar Link?

A stabilizer bar, or sway bar, is a suspension component intended to reduce body roll and keep the vehicle stable during sharp turns. The front and rear sway bars are connected to the underside of the vehicle by stabilizer bar bushings and to the control arms or struts by stabilizer bar links.

Both the bushings and the stabilizer bar links will eventually start to wear out with use, potentially causing your vehicle to lean excessively and become less stable on the road. When this happens, one or both of them will need to be replaced. It is strongly recommended that you replace left and right side links at the same time.

The Wrench Monkey sells stabilizer bar links from brands like Moog and Mevotech at rock bottom prices. Fast, reliable, and convenient, we are always here to serve our customers with high-quality products.

Signs and symptoms of a worn out stabilizer bar link:

  • Clunking or knocking noise when going over bumps
  • Excessive body lean when going over bumps or during sharp turns
  • Noticeable play or looseness when moving the wheel
  • Poor vehicle handling or pulling to one side

Quality & Design:

  • Designed to meet or exceed standards for performance, wear, and durability
  • Direct fit for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Manufactured using the highest quality materials

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