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A/C Condenser

The A/C condenser looks and functions a lot like a vehicle’s radiator. It is made up of a series of tubes and fins that the refrigerant runs through in order to dissipate heat. The cooling refrigerant enters the condenser as a high-pressure vapour, and leaves it as a cooler high-pressure liquid.

Condensers are often located at the very front of the vehicle, and are thus susceptible to damage from debris kicked up from the road or from a collision. They are also susceptible to blockage or leaks. If any of this happens, the condenser may not be able to cool the refrigerant properly, negatively affecting the vehicle’s climate control system, and the condenser likely need to be replaced.

Signs of a Failing A/C Condenser:

  • Refrigerant leaking from the condenser
  • Air conditioning not blowing as cold as it should
  • Physical damage to the to the core and/or fins

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